Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Florence Flea Market


After shopping (a lot) this past weekend in the main city center of Florence, I figured it might be time to look for some deals.

I decided to check out the local flea market, which happens every Tuesday morning by the river. I didn’t really know where it was exactly, but I had heard fragments about it from multiple sources and put together that it was on this side of the Arno. So after class Tuesday, I headed to the Arno and started walking. Not knowing how far it was, I just kept walking, hoping I’d run into the market eventually.

Everywhere I’ve gone so far in Florence is so close that this was the farthest I’ve walked to far.
It was very relaxing to just take my time walking and explore a bit. I saw the US consulate, surrounded by some intimidating-looking guards, new piazzas and monuments, and eventually started seeing CARS. A lot of them. In the city center, the streets are overrun with pedestrians and it’s an annoyance when a car actually tries to drive down the street. I haven’t been in a car since I took a taxi from the airport over a month ago. It’s so incredibly different from Long Beach, when I drive to school every day and make the average 20 minute commute to go to work. I absolutely love walking everywhere and am not missing LA traffic in the least.

After about 30 minutes, I finally made it to the market! It was so completely overwhelming. They had absolutely everything: shoes, scarves, purses, jewelry, clothes, kitchen supplies, fresh food, home decorations, etc. I couldn’t even make it through. It seemed endless.

There were piles of clothes for 1, 3, or 5 Euros. Although I originally went to the flea market with the intention of shopping for warm clothes, I didn’t buy anything because I was so entirely overwhelmed. Well, I did buy a sandwich. And then walked through a near-by park on the way back. I definitely want to go back soon, and next time I’ll be prepared for the madness.

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