Sunday, February 3, 2013

Making Florence My New Home

All the pasta, pizza & gelato here is bound to add some extra curves.
The past few days have been spent exploring Florence and getting settled in. More of a reality check than anything else. We’ve had a laundry list of things to get for the apartment: kitchen supplies, cleaning supplies, food, and a few decorations for our place.

Yesterday, I headed out with a few of the roommates to IKEA, where we found nearly everything we needed to make our apartment feel like home. On the way over, we stopped for coffee and I got my first cappuccino here! I wish I knew how to make espresso, but at least there are countless cafes here to try.

Classes finally start tomorrow, so today is the last day to run errands, get school supplies, and find my classes. So far, when I try to figure out how to get somewhere here, I end up wandering in circles for hours until I finally stumble upon it, entirely by accident. However, by the time I find the place I was searching for, I’ve completely lost track of how I got there in the first place. Luckily, Florence is a lovely place to get lost. I live right near the historic city center (I can actually see the Duomo when I walk out of my apartment), so everywhere there are beautiful buildings, shops, cafes, and art.

The next thing I have to figure out is weekend travel. The list of places I want to go is infinite, but there are only 14 weeks in the semester (meaning 13 weekends, take away 2 for studying for midterms & finals, 2 are part of Spring Break, and 3 I’ll have to stay for Friday classes to make up for holidays we get off). This leaves only a few short weekends to travel!

I’ve already decided to try to stay within Italy for the most part, which limits my travel wish list to:

  • ·      Venice (Carnival)
  • ·      Rome
  • ·      Tuscany (wine tasting)
  • ·      Cinque Terre
  • ·      Amalfi Coast
  • ·      Pompeii & Capri
  • ·      Sicily & Sardinia

…Let’s see how far I get with this.

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