Friday, February 15, 2013

The Diner

Today, I discovered a perfect replica of American culture in the heart of Florence. It was the perfect cure for homesickness and hangover. The Diner is set up like a classic retro diner, complete with fries, grilled cheese, omelets, GIANT cups of coffee, milkshakes, etc. Free water, sans bubbles, was provided upon entry—a luxury I have yet to experience anywhere else in Italy. I couldn’t even finish all my food, and ended up leaving with that over-stuffed feeling that really only comes from good ol’ American food.

The Diner seemed to be something of a novelty. Surprisingly, upon arrival, there were a number of Italian parties. As 11:30 rolled around, the place was absolutely filled with American study abroad students, looking for a familiar big home-style breakfast, complete with eggs and hash browns.

All the waiters spoke perfect English and I nearly forgot I was in Europe. Crazy! I even had butter for the first time since I left California. Next time, I will definitely be getting grilled cheese, fries, and an oreo shake.

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